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Mechanical Engineering

Using a drag-and-drop visual studio, easily create and customize reports.


Electrical Engineering

There is a wealth of information hiding in the data in your database.


Electric Motor Rebuilding

See your most important KPIs on interactive, real-time dashboards.

Mechanical Mastery: Precision in MotionMechanical Engineering

Localizing Excellence: Empowering Your Supply ChainIndigenization of Parts

Unlock precision engineering excellence: Our indigenization process crafts spare parts to exacting standards. Seamlessly integrate them into your machinery for unparalleled reliability.

Sealing Success, Anytime, AnywhereOnline Sealing Solutions

Utilizing advanced sealants and mechanical devices, we tailor leak-free sealing methods to withstand high pressures and corrosive environments, ensuring long-term integrity.

Mastering Mechanical Valves: Precision in ActionMechanical Valve Expertise

From thorough inspections to precise refurbishment, our comprehensive services guarantee optimal operation and leak-tight performance for critical valve applications.

Ensuring Safety: PSV Repair and Calibration ExpertisePSV Repair and Calibration

Adhering to rigorous standards, we employ state-of-the-art testing to ensure the reliability and accuracy of Pressure Safety Valves, safeguarding assets and maintaining process safety.

Tapping Into Efficiency: Hot Tapping InnovationsHot Tapping Solutions

Specializing in safe and efficient hot tapping for pressurized pipelines, our expertise minimizes downtime and facilitates network expansion without interruption.

Restoring Power, Gear by GearGearbox Restoration

Identifying root causes of failures, we employ advanced diagnostic tools and machining techniques to restore gearboxes to OEM standards, ensuring reliable power transmission.

Crafting Innovation: Precision Machining and FabricationMechanical Machining & Fabrication Services

Trust our precision machining and fabrication for custom solutions, delivering high-quality components tailored to your specifications.

Precision Perfected: Grinding with Unrivaled AccuracyPrecision Grinding Services

With advanced CNC grinding technology, we achieve micron-level accuracy and superior surface finish quality, meeting the most exacting engineering requirements.

Reinforcing Reliability: Enhancing Component DurabilityHard Chroming Solutions

Our expertise in hard chroming enhances wear resistance and corrosion protection, delivering components with exceptional durability in harsh environments.

Powering Progress: Our Electrical ExpertiseElectrical Services

Revitalizing Power: Electric Motor Rebuilding ExpertiseElectric Motors Rebuilding Services

Rewinding and renew shafts and bearing journals with hard-chrome plating, enhancing durability and performance with precision rebuilding techniques.

Transforming Reliability: Power Transformer Rebuilding SolutionsPower / Distribution Transformer Rebuilding Services

Transform power and distribution transformers with expert rebuilding, handling core, coil repair, and insulation replacement for peak efficiency.

Empowering Energy: Alternator and Generator Rewinding ExcellenceAlternator/Generator Rewinding Services

Maintain alternator performance with precision rewinding, restoring coils and windings for consistent power generation.

Engineering Efficiency: Power Factor Improvement and System DesignPower Factor Improvement / System Design Services

Optimize power systems with our improvement and design services, enhancing efficiency and reducing energy costs through analysis and implementation.

Automating Excellence: Microcontroller-based Industrial SolutionsMicrocontroller-based Industrial Automation Systems

Unlock automation potential with our microcontroller-based systems, providing tailored solutions for process control, monitoring, and data acquisition.

Fortifying Foundations: Shaft and Bearing Journal Rebuilding ExpertiseShafts and Bearing Journal Rebuilding with Hard-chrome Plating

Renew shafts and bearing journals with hard-chrome plating, enhancing durability and performance with precision rebuilding techniques.

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