Mechanical Mastery: Precision in MotionGearbox Restoration

Identifying root causes of failures, we employ advanced diagnostic tools and machining techniques to restore gearboxes to OEM standards, ensuring reliable power transmission.

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Restoring Power, Gear by GearGearBox Restoration

Gearboxes are critical components in various industrial machinery, transmitting power and motion between rotating shafts while providing speed reduction or torque multiplication. Over time, wear and tear can lead to degradation of gearbox components, resulting in decreased performance and reliability.

We specialize in gearbox restoration, offering comprehensive solutions to extend the lifespan and optimize the performance of your equipment. Our experienced technicians begin the restoration process with a thorough inspection of the gearbox to assess the extent of damage and identify worn or faulty components.

Depending on the condition of the gearbox, restoration may involve repair, replacement, or refurbishment of damaged parts such as gears, bearings, seals, and shafts. We utilize advanced machining and fabrication techniques to restore components to their original specifications, ensuring proper fit, alignment, and functionality.

In addition to component repair, we also address issues such as lubrication, alignment, and vibration analysis to optimize gearbox performance and reliability. Our goal is to restore your gearbox to peak condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity for your operations.


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